As a thank you for your continued support of and to celebrate our 30K Twitter followers milestone, we're teaming up with In the Sac App to give one lucky winner three $30 gift cards to a few of our favorite spots on the grid.

To enter, let us know what your favorite go-to's are!

Note: You must be 21+ to enter this contest.
To Enter
Full Name: *

Phone Number: *

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What's your favorite local coffee shop on the grid? *

What is your favorite Farm-to-Fork restaurant on the grid? *

What is your favorite place to grab a drink on the grid? * and In the Sac App look forward to hearing all about your on the grid favorites. The deadline to enter this contest is Monday 2/8 at 10am.

Note: The gift cards will be from Temple Coffee Roasters, Bottle & Barlow, and Localis.

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